Strategizing Communications, Growth & Impact for Progressive Agendas

My path into Strategic Business Development and Communications was not straight. When I graduated from Harvard University, I really thought I was going to forever work in Government. With my focus on Stabilization & Capacity Building through Conflict Resolution & Social Structuring, I was ready to stay in the trenches and bring peace and growth to nations across the world. (A touch idealistic eh!)

But as I delved further into government and governance, I realized there was a significant gap between the regulations being created and the benefit being realized by constituents. So I turned my eye toward Public Policy thinking that having a direct hand in the policies being made would better serve these communities and societies. And then I had an awakening.

I recognized that no matter what laws and policies were put in place, if the social temperament and members of society were not on board, nothing would move forward. So instead of progress being a top down effort, it had to be a meeting of the minds, with grassroots organizations playing a central role in communicating what the people needed.

As my engagement with boots-on-the-ground organizations grew, I saw more and more that what was needed was economic empowerment and financial freedom. My lens for women’s rights also shone a spotlight on the impact that women-owned businesses had on changing the trajectory of a entire community.

And so began my foray into small business development with a focus on women. Ten years later I still believe in the power of entrepreneurship and small businesses to completely change individual lives and entire communities.

Today, there are amazing opportunities for businesses to connect with customers through the Effective Use of Systems & Strategies that Deliver Content via Email Marketing, Membership Sites and Social Media by Leveraging Platforms like WordPress and Teachable and CRMs like Salesforce.

Unfortunately though, too many business owners do not have the knowledge or capacity to maximize the benefit they can easily get from these technologies. And so they are not motivating their audiences to take action. They are leaving significant sums of money on the table and most importantly, not having the impact they want to.

And this is where I come in.

My Specialty is finding the
Sweet Spot of Systematic and Strategic Integration
that Optimizes Engagement, Increases Efficiency and Expands Profitability.

So if you’re talking to your audience and they seem engaged but aren’t taking that final step to sign up for your course, buy your e-book or get your product, let’s talk. There are obviously gaps in your system that need to be addressed and I will work with you to resolve them.

Send your email to and I will analyze and diagnose the areas that need to be improved so we can get you your desired results. But before you send your email check out the growth business owners just like you have experienced working with me.