I can elaborate on the results I get for my clients and the successes we've achieved, but I will let the people I collaborate with and those directly impacted by my work tell it.

My Clients & Comrades Say...

Kafi is a driving force with an amazing capacity for executing projects. She is dependable, meets deadlines and asks brilliant questions. She has advanced skills in WordPress, Infusionsoft (now Keap), iMember and more. She gives well thought out suggestions and understands what it takes to make a project successful. I absolutely love working with Kafi and I really can't say enough great things about her!
---Deanna Newsome
Saved by Systems

I love working with Kafi! She has such great energy and is always ready to go the extra mile. Kafi is an amazing mind and a pleasure to have on any project. Her insight and ability to get to the core of the issue has produced immeasurable results and she is an asset worth having.
---Angelique Giron
Write for Healing

Kafi is my go to person for challenging projects. She has a way of seeing exactly what is needed and knowing just how to make it happen. She listens to you and is able to hear beyond what you are saying to the pieces you aren't able to articulate yet. She is a master with technology and software and using it in simple yet effective ways is a golden touch of hers. She is brilliant and inspiring and I am so happy to know her.
---Jill Clair
Customer Experience Extraordinaire

So many times I go back into our systems and say "how did she know to do that?" Kafi is so in tune with the needs of our company that she is able to go beyond just what we ask for and give us what we didn't even know we needed. I am so grateful to have her work with us and share her incredible talent. She knows her stuff!
---Paolo Salvatore
The Lightworkers Institute

Kafi turned her spotlight on my business and gave me the clarity I needed to move forward. She organized my communication systems, streamlined my methods of delivery and made connections in by business that I couldn't see. Her work has allowed me to focus on what really matters in my business so I can have the clients and life I truly want. I am so grateful that she worked with me.
--- Susan Epstein
Highly Profitable Practice

Kafi is a master communicator. It's not just that what she says comes from her expertise, but the way she delivers it truly shows her passion for service. I am absolutely satisfied with the work that we've done in the brief amount of time thus far because she is well organized, understands my path because of her own journey as an entrepreneur and is full of insightful nuggets of wisdom.
I feel fully confident with Kafi by my side in this new chapter of my own entrepreneurial career.
--- Chris Romulo
Retired Muay Thai Champion, Speaker, Author & Coach

Working with Kafi was a wonderful learning experience for me. She is a very knowledgeable and competent professional who combines her creativity with her technical skills to deliver an excellent product. Kafi provides a personalized service that is sensitive to the abilities and capabilities of her clients and I truly appreciated that. I have already received compliments on the sophisticated work she did for me and that tells me that Kafi understood my needs and what I was looking for. I recommend Kafi without hesitation!
--- Maxine Barnett
Diplomatic Liasion

I was just about serving good food. I had no plan to get or keep customers. Kafi came in and provided insightful marketing and business ideas to change things in a very short time. She understands her client so well and sees things that you cannot see. She goes above and beyond to make your business a success and it was an absolute honor and pleasure to work with her. Kafi can help make your business dreams a reality!
--- Raymond George
Restaurant Owner